Linux Desktop & GNU Cash Business Accounting

Gnucash offers small business an opportunity to unschackle themselves

from the drudgery of being forced to update and repurchase
commercial software. Furthermore Gnucash for Linux, stores Gnucash into
one simple easy to back up file.  These GNU Program files can be
freely shared between computers.  Reports normally associated for
business are easily produced and printed.

Gnu Cash Features

Linux is a mature well established, safe, Operating System.
Featuring, ease of use, low cost, and reduced maintenance.
Scanning for viruses, and malware become a thing of the past.
Linux Programs include: Microsoft® compatible office suite, client email,
business accounting,
photo editing, both video and audio editing,
cad-cam, most of the popular popular games, and much more.

Who uses Linux as their primary operating systems?
Google, Ebay, Facebook, NYSE, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, just to name a few.

Governments who use or are currently migrating to Linux as their primary operating system.
China, France, Mexico, Munich, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and the list continues.

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  December 29, 2015